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Creating art that enhances the wellbeing and mindset of its viewers or art collectors is my passion. I'm deeply interested in how people experience the art I create.

From the days of a six-year-old, dabbling with paint on a porcelain saucer, to the present moment, where I find myself meticulously crafting ceramic tiles in familiar hues, it appears that I've discovered my authentic self and the enduring nature of my creations.


Hey there, I'm Sara De Pasquale, proud to call Zurich my home. I'm not just your average artist – I'm a mom, a dog enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed lipstick collector. You'll rarely see me without my signature shade of pink lipstick; it's become a bit of a trademark for me. I've got this insatiable passion always on the lookout for the boldest and most vibrant colors to add to my ever-growing collection. From the chill vibes of Switzerland to London, where I used to live, my roots span from Liverpool to Manduria, Southern Italy. But beyond that, my heart truly belongs to the world of art. Friends know me as "Sa," and I'm always down for a good chat over wine and a great meal, where we always end up talking about art and how to engage with other artists, collectors, and art curators.


By day, I navigate the corporate landscape as a full-time worker at an international insurance company. I'm no stranger to the professional world, but my true fulfillment comes from my creative endeavors. From meetings to studio sessions at weekends, I seamlessly blend my professional responsibilities with my personal pursuits, finding inspiration in the everyday moments.


When I'm holed up in my studio, where I challenge myself with my ceramics, trying, and failing, again and again, until I find the perfect technique and colors. It's all part of the process, you know? My creative journey began over two decades ago, back in '95, with analog photography and black and white photo collages that captured the beauty of life. Since then, my work has evolved, leading me to explore with chemicals, colors and production techniques. From my early days of studying art and design to my current exploration of ceramics, each piece I create tells a story, inviting viewers to join me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


My latest series, Exquifusion, is a fusion of love, diversity, and empowerment. Through delicate figurines, I'm all about showcasing the strength in vulnerability and celebrating the freedom to be ourselves. If you are interested in representing my work or have another way of a collaboration in mind, let's connect and have a chat. I am looking forward to hearing from you, Sara

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